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02 December 2008 @ 11:59 pm
Merlin Kink Meme Requests and Fulfillments - Arthur/Merlin  
Here's a list of the current requests and fulfillments for the Merlin kink meme with the pairing of Arthur/Merlin. This is current as of approximately 12/17 01:00 central time. Thanks to memoryfloodsin for compiling the initial list.

001. Merlin does a spell and now there's two of him Merlin/Arthur/Merlin threesome.

002. Merlin pins Arthur down and brings him off with magic. Preferably just magic.

003. BDSM; dominant!Merlin

004. "The Slow and Subtle Seduction of Merlin Emrys by Arthur Pendragon" in which Arthur is neither slow nor subtle, and Merlin is oblivious as always. Hijinks ensue.

005. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, SOMEONE PLEASE WRITE A FIC ABOUT BRUISES. all i want is something where arthur has been fighting away and comes back all bruised up, and merlin has to TEND TO HIS WOUNDS, and he accidentally presses down on one of arthur's bruises and arthur hisses BUT IN A GOOD WAY. and then they have sex. with bruising/pressing down on bruises etc.! BONUS POINTS FOR WRIST-BRUISES.
006. Non-con where Merlin has been made Arthur's slave rather than his servant.

007. Hurt/comfort where Merlin is the hurt one and there is lots and lots of kissing and worried!Arthur

008. Erotic asphyxiation and bound wrists. Bonus: using Merlin's neckerchief!

009. Possessiveness and marking, no particular preference for which of them wants to mark their territory, though it might be interesting if it were Merlin.

010. Possessive/jealous Arthur!

011. Vampires, and not the sparkly shiny Twilight ones either. Bonus points if you can work "Don't ever invite a vampire into your house, you silly boy. It renders you powerless" in somewhere.

012. Arthur likes watching Merlin clean his sword. REAL sword, not a euphemism. voyeuristic Sword!Kink basically.


013. Merlin/Arthur in the Twilight verse, or just with Twilight verse vampires. Cookies if Arthur *SPARKLES*, chocolate chip cookies if he uses the line "do I dazzle you?" in any circumstance.

014. Possessive Arthur where Merlin belongs to him and no one else. Oh and if you make it dark and hot you get cookies!

015. Where Merlin fucks with Arthur's mind so much. His smell, the way he looks, the way he is, that Arthur's going crazy and has to sate himself somehow.

016. Merlin wearing Arthur's coat. Being chivalrly offered in a moment of great cold, or wearing it and nothing else? :D after a night of lovey-dovey 'cause it's the first piece of clothing found


017. Arthur and Morgana make a bet about Arthur getting Merlin to sleep with him after a week. Problem is, Arthur falls in love with Merlin. A cliché, I know, but still hot!

018. Arthur rapes Merlin out of jealousy, then tries to make up for it. Merlin may or may not forgive him.

019. All-consuming fixation-filled UST Bonus: angsty, tortuous loss of self-control.

020. Up against the wall.

021. Canon universe. Just... two boys getting each other off in a way that could actually happen in the series. With boyish awkwardness, no mushy feelings/tears/loving whispers. Rating is left as an exercise to the writer.

022. Altered states. Aphrodisiacs, sex pollen, love spells, that one potion of Gaius's with the - cough - pleasurable aftereffects, hell, just get 'em horny and dubiously consenting.

023. One of them is blind (really blind, not just blindfolded) (doesn't need to be permanent).


024. A very jealous and possessive Arthur (still pre-slash) and then dirty wet blow jobs in the secret alcoves of the castle.


025. Wherein Merlin is a cheap date, and catches one whiff of a barmaids apron.

026. Merlin is raped by one of Arthur's knights and Arthur comforts Merlin and goes out to take revenge.

027. Arthur as bottom, Merlin using magic for double penetration.

028. Sex against the furniture. Possessive Arthur is a plus.

029. AU, the first day in a new school Nimueh as teacher.

030. First time, drunk and affectionate!Merlin, and taking complete advantage!Arthur

031. Dominant!Merlin.

032. Morally ambiguous!Merlin/Arthur where there's no limits to getting what they want. Dominant/possessive Merlin and vunerable/submissive Arthur.

033. Dark Merlin (and possibly Morgana) taking over Camelot and making Arthur his manservant (read: sex slave).

034. When Merlin complains about his thirst, Arthur goes out of his way to quench it. Blowjob, frustrated Arthur, Merlin likes it rough.

035. Rimming.

036. Needy/slutty!Arthur going to Merlin. Bonus points for a little bit of begging

037. Accidentally getting aroused, hopefully leading to sex. Merlin watching Arthur fight or Arthur while Merlin is helping him dress. Embarrassment or stuttering is a plus.

038. From someone else's point of view. The boys have loud sex and are overheard. Bonus points if set during episode ten.

039. Magic, plus candlestick.

040. Feet kink. Cause Bradley's feet have now been on the show and on the dvd special features and I think it's about time either Merlin or Colin developed an obsession (healthy or not) about them!

041. Angry sex? Possibly when Arthur finds out about Merlin and feels betrayed? Not necessary though as long as it's angry and power struggle-ey.

042. Magic curse makes them do it.

043. Merlin gets put in the stocks overnight and Arthur pays him a visit smut ensues.Bondage/stocks kink.

044. Spanking Dom!Arthur Bonus points if Merlin cries.


045. Arthur wants to come on Merlin's face and Merlin happily lets him.

046. Merlin is a damsel in distress in need of rescue. Make it cracky!

047. First time. Merlin is adorable and fumbly and virginal and Arthur is poking fun and arrogant, but he is seekritly completely in love and they both know this.

048. Naked Merlin only wearing his neckerchief making Arthur totally horny.

049. Arthur's being extremely possessive over his favorite manservant and Merlin has been previously abused by a knight or something. Bonus points if Merlin self-harmed too.

050. One or both of them has some kind of disability. (blind, deaf, dumb)

051. Arthur is royalty why should he have to jerk himself off? He gets his willing manservant Merlin to do it for him instead.

052. Voyeur!Arthur/Merlin Arthur sees Merlin fucking himself with some sort of sex toy.

053. Asphyxiation. Merlin drives Arthur so mad he could just choke him so he does and Merlin gets off on it.

054. Dom!Merlin/Arthur Merlin makes Arthur beg for what he wants.

055. Arthur sees Merlin without a shirt on, and realizes how skinny Merlin really is. This leads to Arthur trying to get Merlin to eat more, which leads to Arthur thinking about Merlin's body all the time, which leads to a Realization of Attraction, which (hopefully) leads to food porn.

056. Fisting I don't care who is giving and who is receiving.

057. Gaius is digging through Merlin's room for something without permission, and has to hide somewhere when Merlin and Arthur stumble in and do it right in front of his eyes. Bonus points if Merlin finds some kind of healing salve left for him on his bedside table the next day.

058. Arthur takes the advice of his Knights and hires the services of their recommended whore for some needed stress-relief. Needless to say he discovers Merlin's secret night job...

059. Dub/non-con, non-romantic: Arthur treats Merlin just like he would any other servant, and no servant says no to the Prince.

060. Public Sex.

061. Overheated, blood drenched, adrenaline soaked Arthur after a botched assassination attempt nearly takes Merlin's life, unable come down. Back in his chambers, Merlin strips and washes him, pointedly ignoring the hard on, Arthur goes ahead and brings himself off while Merlin continues washing, and in the end, Merlin cleans the come up (with the cloth) without comment.

062. Through regular illness, Arthur loses his voice for a week. Merlin teases him by willfully misunderstanding as many gestured commands as possible. This means Arthur has to resort to lots of manhandling/hauling Merlin around and pointing. But Merlin pushes too far, which results in a silent tantrum by frustrated Arthur, which culminates in lots of shoving and finally Arthur pinning Merlin roughly to the bed. Sexing of any type (or level of con) ensues

063. Uther forces Arthur to physically punish Merlin - branding, whipping, anything at that level - in public for maximum humiliation. After, guilt-ridden Arthur insists on seeing the marks (knowing his father will want to see them tomorrow) and Merlin resists because he's already magically healed them. Arthur forceably strips/cuts off Merlin's clothing, secrets are revealed, then Arthur has to put the marks on Merlin a second time. At which point sexxing ensues.

064. Leash and collar, pony bit, or any animal training props incorporated into Arthur's pigtail pulling w/ Merlin, only the result turns Arthur on way more than expected.

065. Arthur wakes massively hung over and aware that he had sex, but not with whom. Figures out it was Merlin (who has been denying/playing dumb), but is wracked with guilt over whether he forced himself on Merlin - but is too proud to ask. Finally can't take it and orders Merlin to tell him every last detail of what occurred.

066. Virgin!Arthur and Experienced!Merlin :D

067. Arthur is captured and tortured by an enemy. He is rescued and everyone assumes that the torture was only physical but Merlin suspects that something else (i.e sexual abuse) may have taken place. Arthur of course is too proud to admit it. Comforting!Merlin must take care of Vunerable!Arthur

068. Merlin finds it difficult to control his intense emotions around Arthur and every time they are getting it on he loses control of his magic and hurts Arthur (physically). He feels guilty and is afraid of hurting him but Arthur actually enjoys it and convinces him to continue.

069. Arthur loses a bet and has to be Merlin's servant for a whole week. Merlin takes full advantage (and by this I mean making him do lots of cruel but sexy things) and Arthur ends up enjoying it a lot more than he wants to...

070. A morally grey Merlin taking advantage of Arthur at a very vunerable time (I was thinking either when Uther dies or Arthur finds out the secret of his birth and is wrecked with guilt about killing his mother). I'd like to see Arthur kind of in shock and numb and Merlin being all comforting and gentle but manipulating the situation to get what he wants (i.e Arthur)

071. Arthur figures out Merlin's magic from the events in 1X10, and tries to get him to admit it with sex!

072. Blood-play

073. Bodyswap! Masturbation while in the other persons body.

074. Using Merlin's scarf as a gag

075. Sword kink of some kind

076. Using the line 'When Arthur becomes King flirting with Merlin will be a capital offence'

077. After Merlin rescues Arthur from Sophia, he figures out a way to redirect the enchantment she placed on him to focus on Merlin rather than Sophia. Would like see dom!Merlin taking advantage of enchanted!Arthur. Then maybe Merlin feels guilty and lifts the spell. Arthur however remembers and instead of being angry goes to Merlin willingly. Something alone those lines would be great.

078. Merlin has a fantasy about fucking Arthur on Uther's throne...

079. I'd love it if someone dealt with Arthur finding out about the secret of his birth and being devastated. He feels guilty not only about killing his mother but also feels responsible for starting Uther's magical hatred which resulted in the persecutions. Maybe he could know about Merlin and feels responsible for putting Merlin in danger? Merlin comforting him would be nice and if that leads to some loving I certainly wouldn't object :D

080. Uther accidentally catches Merlin and Arthur having sex. They don't realise he's there. Bonus points if it has Arthur being the bottom and clearly enjoying it and Uther being disturbed by his willingness to submit to a servant. Oh and would totally love it if Merlin actually does know Uther is there. Like for example at the end Merlin looks up and directly at Uther (in the shadows or wherever he's lurking) and smirks, like in a possessive sort of "he's mine now" kind of way? If this doesn't fit your idea however that's totally fine, I know I'm being a bit specific.

081. Badly hurt Arthur being taken care of by Merlin

082. After the feast in Excalibur when Arthur was crowned crown prince of Camelot, Merlin has this fantasy about Arthur being on his knees giving him a blowjob while wearing his crown. Arthur is happy to oblige..

083. TiedUp!Merlin, either by Arthur or by accident/circumstance. Bonus points for Merlin and Arthur bickering throughout sex.

084. I feel a craving for Merlin/Arthur having fun, consensual, uncomplicated sex with lots of laughter turning into moans, and no angst whatsoever.

085. Arthur is wanking, Merlin talks dirty to encourage him.

086. Merlin has an eating disorder, somehow he loses his shirt of it rides up or something, and Arthur sees his ribs poking out. Arthur decided to take more care of Merlin and helps him through his 'Difficult time'. Love and sex follow.

087. Arthur decides to take Merlin away from the castle for a while, in the dead of night, then hot sex in a forest or something with extrasub!Merlin. Abduction kink ftw!

088. Merlin/Arthur set in ep. 11 (featuring embarassed!Arthur) Arthur is convinced that what he's going to drink is poison so before he drinks from the cup he confesses his feelings for Merlin to Merlin, downs the potion and 'dies'. Imagine his reaction when he wakes up. (Bonus points for beach!sex and reassuring!Merlin (Who feels the same))

089. An AU where Merlin is the prince and Arthur is the servant. Would love some dom!Merlin here.

090. Jewelry. Merlin having a kink for Arthur's bracelet/necklace/rings whatever, or someone gifting jewelry, or Merlin slowly removing Arthur's jewelry or putting it back on--whatever floats your boat. Just sexy moments that involve jewelry.

091. It's the season for snowballing... so I'd like some cum swapping between Merlin and Arthur. Or Colin and Bradley, I'm easy ;) Bonus points if it's Merlin who starts it!

092. What would happen if Arthur had been born a girl? So basically I want Princess!Arthur (snigger). What would his (er.. her) relationship with Merlin be like? I'm a big fan of dom!Merlin so if he made an appearance that would be great but not necessary if you have other ideas.

093. Evil!Merlin takes Arthur captive and tries to torture him into submission... sexy style. Arthur is defiant but finding it very very hard not to give in :D

094. I'd like to see a really dark fic exploring self-harm. I'd prefer it if it was Arthur doing the harming as I personally think, based on his character, he'd be more likely to do something like this then Merlin would. I was thinking it could be the way he deals with things, like everytime someone dies and he feels he didn't do enough to protect them, he hurts himself as a way of alleviating his guilt? Like if they suffer I must suffer too sort of thing. Merlin may or may not find out, that's up to you.

095. A spell goes awry and Merlin gets turned into girl!Merlin.

096. Some good old spanking, preferable with Merlin performing the spanking!

097. Arthur is turned on by magic (either by Merlin saying spells or just generally by magic)

098. I'd love to see Merlin being really jealous/possessive of Arthur. Arthur can either be totally oblivious to it or can realise it and go out of his way to increase Merlin's jealousy by being incredibly slutty. Very passionate sex ensues (preferably with dom!Merlin seeing as he's the jealous one).

099. Crown!kink. Up to you which one is wearing it, and why :D

100. Morgana and Arthur have always been competitive. She notices Arthur looking at Merlin and decides to try to beat Arthur to him. Would be awesome if it ends up being Merlin/Arthur but it's up to the writer.

101. Arthur gets amnesia and has no idea who he is. Merlin helps him remember.

102. AU, influenced by Anastasia. Merlin as Anastasia, Arthur as Dmitri, Gaius as Dmitri's co-conspirator whose name I cannot recall. Plenty of snark and UST.

103. Bottom!Arthur/Top!Merlin. It seems rare enough to be a kink all its own. Bonus points if Arthur is being pushy and bonus-bonus points if he reaches up to cover Merlin's mouth because he's too loud.

104. Bondage!fic. Bonus points if it starts out as angry because Arthur's just found out about Merlin's magic!

105. Orgasm denial. Bonus points for begging.

106. Arthur is in an abusive relationship that he doesn't believe he can get out of without compromising his pride and reputation. Merlin shows him that that's not what real love is like and that even the strongest of people need help sometimes.

107. Merlin tortured. Bruises and pain. Arthur rescues him. A very ill Merlin saves both using magic then collapses. Arthur really worried and tormented.

108. Imagining 1x12. Merlin sacrificing himself for saving Arthur's life. His magic powers are revealed.

109. Merlin/Arthur - Future!fic, Merlin had to leave because of (x) and he returns (Maybe to free the great Slash Dragon?) when Arthur becomes king. Both have changed for different reasons. Maybe you'd like to explore?

110. Arthur and Merlin are ambushed during a hunting trip (or something along those lines) by a group of bandits (or other such bad guys). They don't recognise Arthur and he doesn't tell them who he is, as he knows they'll use him for ransom/blackmailing Uther. So the boys are taken hostage but aren't killed because the leader takes a shine to Arthur. Arthur realises this and being pragmatic, he thinks using this is the best way to get themselves out of the situation. Merlin knows he's right but hates it. How far Arthur actually goes is up to you (although I do love slutty!Arthur so go nuts if you like). I'd like to see it from Merlin's pov, with him being all silently jealous/possessive. If you want they can have passionate make-up sex later in which Merlin reclaims his territory :D

111. AU in which Merlin is a prince from another kingdom. He and his father come to visit Camelot and he meets Arthur. They are attracted to each other but neither one wants to yield to the other. A battle of wits ensues, naturally ending in passionate sex. I like dom!Merlin and slutty!Arthur so would be happy if Merlin was the "victor" of their little game but if you have other ideas that's ok.

112. Merlin fucking Arthur on the Round Table. You know it's gonna happen one day.... :D

113. In the Harry Potter fandom there's a long running cliche of fics where Harry and Draco get locked in a closet together. 1x12 tells us Gaius has a broom closet in his workshop. Merlin/Arthur getting themselves locked in the closet?

114. Merlin/Arthur (or Colin/Bradley, I'm really not fussed) -- one of them has an oral fixation. Bonus points if it's the oral fixation that tips them over the edge and causes one to jump the other! :D

115. One of Merlin's spells goes awry, and suddenly there's two Arthurs. Arthur/Merlin/Arthur ensues. Hopefully with (both) Arthur(s) being very posessive of Merlin, and fighting with one another. I would say bonus points if this is set before Arthur finds out about Merlin's magic, and somehow Merlin manages to blag his way through it and Arthur remains oblivious, but ... I highly suspect that that would be pretty impossible. XD MASSIVE bonus points if you can pull it off, though!

116. Bottoming from top. Merlin riding.

117. Merlin and Arthur in the stables. With a riding crop. Bonus points if it's Merlin using the riding crop on Arthur.

118. Merlin accidently sees Arthur masturbating and gets off watching.

119. Merlin develops an obsession with Arthur's ass. Come on people, the royal ass needs to be worshipped!

120. A humourous (but still sexy) fic in which Arthur does outrageously slutty things in an attempt to get Merlin's attention. Examples could be wearing his most revealing shirts and tightest trousers, walking around practically naked and purposely bending over things. Merlin fails to notice Arthur practically throwing himself at him until someone tells him. Bonus points if it's Uther!

121. Camelot is invaded and taken over by a rival kingdom. In order to humiliate Uther, Arthur is reduced to the status of a servant to the rival king/prince. His new master is very vindictive and he endures physical/sexual abuse but doesn't fight back as he fears what they'll do to Uther and Morgana if he does. Merlin however doesn't like it when people are mean to his boyfriend. It makes him angry. Really really angry. And you wouldn't like him when he's angry... :D Looking for Powerful!Merlin, Noble but Vulnerable!Arthur and Worried Parent!Uther.

123. Massages

124. Arthur being a really loud moaner/screamer during sex. Would prefer smug top!Merlin but up to you.

125. Dom!Merlin/Sub!Arthur. Merlin can't make it to Arthur's bedchambers to fuck him, so slutty!Arthur fucks himself with a dildo. Bonus points if Merlin walks in on him.

126. Merlin has a chain mail fetish.

127. Bottom!Arthur, where it's either their first time and they both expect to top, or Arthur has always topped before, and Merlin convinces him otherwise. Power struggle would be lovely.

128. Merlin and Arthur are both hit by a spell which causes them to feel intense pain whenever they touch. This leads to the realisation of just how much they touch, and mind-melting mutual pining/UST.

129. In a moment of weakness due to whatever, Arthur calls a phone sex hotline and gets an uncooperative Merlin (either as operator or wrong number). Hijinx ensue.

130. Shaving I don't care who is shaving who <3

131. Protective!Arthur/Merlin and lots of snuggles/lounging in bed after sex. Basically, Arthur likes to cuddle. Throw some Teasing!Merlin in there and that'd be awesome.

132. A spell gone wrong puts Merlin into a week long "heat", making him irresistible to every male around. Uther's and Gaius's reactions are a must (or even the Dragon's!!!), but you can add others too! Would be great if Arthur literally threw Merlin over his shoulder and stalked off to his chambers in a semi-public display of "MINE!" Week long sexing up ensues XD

133. Humiliation kink. Arthur humiliates Merlin in public dun da da dun that just happens to be Merlin's secret fetish. Erections in public hi jinks and sexin' ensue.

134. Its a particularly hot summer in Camelot Arthur goes looking for his manservant and finds him naked and swimming he can't help but stare.

135. Lancelot returns to Camelot. At first Merlin is pleased to see him but when Merlin realises he has feelings for Arthur and Arthur is totally besotted with him as well, he finds himself growing increasingly jealous. I'd like dark/possessive Merlin here struggling with his feelings.

136. As Arthur's servant, it is Merlin's duty to stay while Arthur pleasures himself, and clean him up afterward.

137. UNDERCOVER IN A GAY BAR! or in other words, Merlin is having some kind of magical fit (maybe due to a vision or something), with flailing and yelling and breaking furniture, and Arthur wrestles him onto the bed for his own safety. And Uther comes in because he heard the noise and asks What's going on here, and Arthur goes ohshit NOTHING, NO ILLEGAL MAGIC OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT, I'M JUST RAVISHING MY MANSERVANT (Merlin conveniently flails and yells some more), and then Uther is all, Oh, all right then, carry on! and goes away. (And then maybe Merlin comes to his senses and is all Wait, what? and Arthur says I AM RAVISHING YOU TO SAVE YOU FROM EXECUTION and Merlin says Ok! and everyone is happy.)

138. A smirking dom!Arthur lounges in his furry chair while slutty sub!Merlin rides him. Bonus points if Merlin is naked while Arthur is still mostly clothed in this outfit (leather gloves included. :D )

139. Arthur is a pushy bottom

140. Arthur takes Merlin as an official concubine/consort/whatever because they obviously can't get married. Uther is furious over Merlin's low status but gets over it as he has to be part of the traditional ceremony that is written in the records - he has to stand witness to them having sex for it to become official. If Gaius came too, that would be great. Actually, the more people who have to watch the better. I would like lots of awkwardness and embarrassed Merlin.

141. They are just two perfectly straight boys who happen to lend each other a hand from time to time. If you catch my drift.
T'eyla: [m] arthur/merlin BFFt_eyla on December 3rd, 2008 03:38 pm (UTC)
Awesome, thank you so much for this! Are you updating it? If so, Arthur is royalty why should he have to jerk himself off? He gets his willing manservant Merlin to do it for him instead. has been fulfilled here.
what you were then i am today: Merlin - OTPnozomi_no_da on December 4th, 2008 04:09 am (UTC)
Updated, thanks for letting me know! ♥ And you're welcome, glad to be of help.
Jennydrjenny88 on December 3rd, 2008 07:01 pm (UTC)
Oh, this is so good - making sense of all the comments and so on was getting a bit difficult/tedious, so this is extra brilliant :D
Thank you!
what you were then i am today: Merlin - this momentnozomi_no_da on December 4th, 2008 04:09 am (UTC)
You're welcome. ♥
Alex: MERLIN: Merlin/Arthur caringmerihn on December 4th, 2008 07:12 am (UTC)
Hi, I fulfilled this: From someone else's point of view. The boys have loud sex and are overheard. Bonus points if set during episode ten. a couple of days ago here.

what you were then i am today: TRC - fai hearts younozomi_no_da on December 4th, 2008 07:29 am (UTC)
Got it now, thanks for letting me know! ♥
Rainchildrainchild on December 15th, 2008 08:28 am (UTC)
I did 25 at my journal or here.
what you were then i am today: Merlin - all i was meant to benozomi_no_da on December 17th, 2008 07:18 am (UTC)
Ah yes, I have been remiss in updating this, haven't I? Got it now, thanks!
Rainchild: Merlin - Puppy Facerainchild on December 17th, 2008 07:25 am (UTC)
Thanks! I can't imagine how overwhelming all these comments must be. (925? 925?) Have I mentioned thanks so much for doing this?
what you were then i am today: Merlin - i will raise mine eyes to seenozomi_no_da on December 17th, 2008 07:51 am (UTC)
There are a lot of comments, but it's fun. ♥ And you're welcome!
qwerty: sloshedxsmoonshine on December 27th, 2008 03:47 am (UTC)
I drew cracky M/A fanart for the mermaid request (1st one on page 2). Have any of the het/other pairing/RPS people offered to compile links for the meme (or would you have any interest in such a thing?
Kate Eversonkate_everson on December 29th, 2008 01:15 am (UTC)
Did number 137, and it's either here: http://community.livejournal.com/merlinxarthur/430572.html or at my journal!
lou_angellou_angel on December 30th, 2008 03:12 am (UTC)
Tried number 129 at my journal here: http://lou-angel.livejournal.com/4579.html
(Pls ugly link clicky thing)
lou_angellou_angel on January 6th, 2009 09:29 pm (UTC)
angelwings9angelwings9 on January 6th, 2009 11:12 pm (UTC)
oh no! now the bunnies are really going for it... i'd better hide... or start writing! lol
lou_angel: Sick Merlinlou_angel on January 22nd, 2009 03:42 pm (UTC)
doomcanarydoomcanary on July 26th, 2009 10:19 am (UTC)
I wrote a fic for a prompt on this meme and I can't find the request - I know it was dino_face asking and the request was Lancelot/Boy!Gwen, but I can't find the prompt for the life of me. The fic is here!
chance4shadowschance4shadows on June 7th, 2010 07:36 am (UTC)
i wrote the first part for 49 it's posted http://chance4shadows.livejournal.com/

be gentle please.... this is my first
Bud Clark: pic#119564692bud_clark_44 on October 25th, 2013 05:06 pm (UTC)
I suppose 2013 is WAY too late to ask for updates/links, but here goes

(all kinks; offended? don't read)

EROTIC clysters (enemas) as opposed to medical / functional ones


BIG toys as a prep for:

Fisting (trans-anal insertion of the hand, NOT masturbation )
sweepupyson: pic#122360803sweepupyson on January 6th, 2014 03:22 am (UTC)
Ничего себе, вебмастер расово верно опубликовал.